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Jewels of Fashion
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The INNERFORCE collection was born from the desire to communicate the strength and energy of each individual.
By creating comfortable custom shapes with their different sizes, they once used are part of your body,
You will make it unique and personal, just as you are.

ALCHEMY//01 Collection
Alchemy is a scientific technique that helps people to understand the composition and essence of materials. The challenge when it comes to materials is to brek them down and then reassemble them. So with great skills we work with materials aiming to obtain unleaded gold; using some natural principles, insted of it, other materials of a different mass can be created, reaching then the equivalent exchange.
We are deeply inspired by alchemy, since we consider it as a whole; something that match with everything.
And when we talk about experience, we mean we want to feel a physicial and also a spiritual experience.
Because everything can become something different, something even more perfect, and that is a challenge that fascinates us completely.
That is the thread of our jewels, designed for highlighting our dreams, our aspirations, and also the ones from our customers; created to turn them into stories and unique life experiences.

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