18 Feb

The pursuit of duality

18 February 2020

The pursuit of duality

Black and white. Circular but also made with a checkered pattern. Strong and also lightweight. Urban and refined. Classic and contemporary at the same time.

As life itself, our jewels’ philosophy is plenty of duality. Defined as the quality or condition of being dual, the duality is appreciated in a lot of cultures, being the Chinese philosophy one the most popular and well known; you know, the ying-yang theory. That refers to two principles: one, negative, dark and feminine; the other, positive, bright and masculine. The interaction of both influences the destinies of creatures ant things and are both essentials in our lives.

And holding closely that ying and yang philosophy, that so special duality, we create our jewels.

Cause our jewels are strong, indestructible, and also lightweight. Did you know that carbon fiber is ten times stronger than steel and eight times that aluminum, not to mention much lighter than both materials, 5 and 1.5 times, respectively?

Cause our technique is ancestral but our materials and designs are contemporary. Our artisanal and traditional process of manufacturing merges with advanced high-performance and technological materials in an alchemy that makes our jewels unique.

Cause even we don’t think it’s match! a priori when we think about the relationship between something sporty and fashionable, both concepts can be present in the same object.

You know, it doesn’t have to shine to be cool and fancy. "Diamonds carbon fiber jewels are a best girl/man friend", we prefer to sing.

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