3 Jan

New year, new me. #ReinventYourself

Everyone talks about joining the gym, eating healthier, earning new languages, quitting tobacco, reducing alcohol consume, visiting grandpas more frequently, joining ong’s  and being better persons in general when a new year begins. But let’s face it: the World was not made in one day, so let’s take it easy.

It is very commendable to want to be a better version of you, regardless if it’s a healthier/smarter/altruistic version -or not-. In fact, we strongly encourage you to reinvent yourself this year. But not only because is January first, but because is always welcomed to fell better in your skin.

So, our new year resolutions for you this year:

  1. Explode the best version of your. Feel your power, your essence, and speechless the World just trusting yourself, your decisions and strongly believing in that what makes you different.

  2. Be Fenix, my friend. Because it’s ok to flow like water, but better to reinvent yourself is so will make you feel better. Keep your uniqueness, though. Refuse the mainstream.

  3. Renew. Because as the maxim says (“Renew or die”), renewal is the way to leave behind that what weighs us, that what we don’t like and prevents us from moving forward; because
    renewal is the way to dare to embrace those good things that are about to happen to us.

So, remember: reinvent yourself, but keep your essence intact.

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