13 Dec

Matter of resemblances: when brands become friends

The evolution of the friendship concept when it comes to branding: our case with the luxury street-wear brand ZETA1

Friendship, as a concept, was simple until not so long ago. It was, following the most common universal definition, a relationship between two humans that is based upon mutual empathy, understanding, caring, trust, etc. Simple, kinda. But then the rise of social network, in the early 2000s, changed everything and the “classic” concept of friendship also mutated to something different, something more complex. We are not talking just about how people are “friending” other people just for add more friends to their list and accumulate popularity, that’s another topic; we refer to the friendship between brands.

Aka synergies, the phenomenon it’s not new, certainly; it happens when two brands agree to join in order to collaborate and promote each other. Is there, however, a purely commercial interest? Sometimes yes, but there should be more. Contradicting Dumbledore, it’s not about the differences between the brands, but what makes them similar. A matter of resemblances, we could say.

And that was what happened to us with ZETA1; as if we had a mirror in front, we saw that we share the same philosophy and almost the same concept. And as equals, we decided to hold hands. It was a match. A perfect one.

The “brandmance” occurred last year, during the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. ZETA1, a luxury street-wear brand inspired by sportswear and tech-wear for quality and performance, presented the Collection “Negativity”, which didn’t understand about gender, just as our jewelry pieces; which was a collection for people who feel unique and comfortable in their skin; which was a collection conceived to become in a lifelong brand for the next generation.

Functional, balanced, conscious, elegant and contemporary are some of the values of the “Negativity” clothes and also are values that reflect our philosophy. The collection was marked as a new form of expression, “with a premium urban esthetic inspired by sports”; and that’s so us.

Definitely, what a pleasure it was for us to see our jewels on the runway. uses cookies and other technologies to ensure a reliable and secure site, measure performance, provide a personalized shopping experience and themed advertising. To do this we collect data relating to users, their behavior and their devices. By selecting "I accept", the user consents to this data collection and authorizes us to share this information with third parties, such as our marketing partners. In case of refusal we will only use essential cookies and the user will not receive personalized content. Select "Set Preferences" for further details and manage your options. The user can change his preferences at any time. For more information, please read our privacy policy.
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